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Welcome to our website

Welcome to our website!$! by:MAK n Aarib

                                                                                                                          On our web you can listen to our awesome rythems that we made. (If you go on the beats page(more page)you will see the the beats we made.) Also you can look at some awsome pics that we posted(On the pictures page.)  Thirdly on the right you can talk to us by giving you name and your messageon guestbook page(more page) or if you are a member go on the members page and you can talk to me you have to click on the person then you can talk to him.  If you want to have a webs account you can text me on the guestbook page which is on the more page you can type as a guest without an email address to put in but remember to still put in your name so i know who you are.  I would be on the guestbook pge to talk alot.  If you go on more(interests) you will see cool pics.  Lastly if you go on the videos page you will see other interiging videos that we posted .    THANX HAVE FUN ON THE [email protected]$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$^^^^^^^^^*:)  ps. I AM  STILL WORKING ON THE INTERESTS TOO!
pps. There will be nothing in the photo gallery only on the intetrests.
And do not forget all texting is local and everyone can see it!

Creater of website----AARIB and MAK